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1-1 Lessons

As it says on the tin! We spend time with YOU the owner and your dog, the initial session is more of an evaluation, allowing us to look at you the handler and your specific dog - from this we can work through a training program for best effect. They are a non pressured training session and we aim for you and your dog to leave happy and confident of your next successes with your dog.

1-1 Sessions start at £25.

Residential Training

Our residential training program is suitable for all. We take our time speaking with you the owners in order to assess how you interpret your dog and how you wish them to interpret you. Whether it be correcting faults in the field or taking a raw recruit and preparing them for their first foray.

Our facilities are kept immaculately clean at all times, and we have indoor and outdoor living accommodation- dogs can be bedded down on their own bedding or we can supply bedding.

We spend each and every day with the dogs in training - giving them our utmost attention and working towards the end goal as discussed at the outset.

We recommend an initial period of 1 month evaluation, after this time we can give a more definitive timescale depending on training requirements - the importance is not to rush the training to a deadline, but rather get the most out of the dogs.

We feed and recommend Skinners dog food, and this is included within the residential costs, should you wish to continue with your own brand of feed then we are happy to accommodate this.

Dogs are exposed to game on a regular basis, as well as shot and all other aspects of the shooting field.

Upon completion of training we provide you with an in depth guide of the dogs training, and show you the methods and commands used to handle your dog(s).

Residential Training starts at £95 per week - please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

Obedience Training

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is "How do we get our dog to walk to heel" Training any dog to do this takes a little time and patience - However we have tried and tested methods suitable to all breeds that allows us to show you the simplest and most effective means of achieving the "Heel" with rates of success in the region of 98% we are happy to assist you in achieving the "Heel". See our HEEL MEANS HEEL! page for more information.

We can also advise and assist in all areas of obedience - taking an unruly dog and using calm and concise methods we help to prevent this unruly behaviour. All dogs and handlers are different and we tailor our methods to best suit your needs. Call us to discuss your situation in more detail.


Group Training

These are informal training courses and aim to bring handlers and their dogs into an environment that a sole trainer will not be able to replicate.

Working on basic handling skills as well as more advanced techniques and scenarios.

We are also happy to run group classes at your venue, or for a group of trainers. For more information please call us.

Picking Up Courses & Walked Up Courses

We offer picking up and walked up courses both in and out of the UK game season. There are limited places available for these courses and a maximum of 6 handlers per group.

The format of the days will be along the lines of:

Day One

Will consist of steadiness and control work, Direction, Steadiness to shot,
distractions whilst retrieving as well as working in company of like minded
handlers – Lunch at the venue is included along with Tea & Coffee throughout
the day (we’ll even throw in some water for the dogs!)

Day Two

The first ½ hour shall be spent on the etiquette and safety aspect of
picking up, dress code, equipment required and a brief Q&A session.

Again lunch, Tea and Coffee will be provided at the venue.

This will elaborate on the first day, and include live shooting scenarios,
with driven targets, bolting rabbits etc. Their will be background
shooting, enabling the dogs to become accustomed to regular shooting, whilst
remaining steady.



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